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Apalachicola Web Design: Specialize in SVG graphics, photography, SEO, and custom Web design

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Apalachicola Web Design

Custom Website Design and Internet Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in your Website Designs:
Each Apalachicola Website Design is a one-of-a-kind custom Web design which includes free hosting, server maintenance, image processing with search engine optimization. All clients receive telephone tech support. If required we also offer on-site photography, domain name research, and a SVG hi-res logo with favicons.

WordPress vs Custom Built
Apalachicola Web designs are one-of-a-kind custom built designs that stand apart from your competition. A custom built Website is more search engine friendly than a WordPress Website. This means it organically ranks higher in search engines than one built with templates using a WordPress CMS. All of our designs are custom coded with the latest versions of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, nested within a CSS Framework or custom coded CSS. They are optimized, responsive, and cross browser tested with different devices and sizes.

It's like buying a frozen TV dinner versus enjoying a gourmet dinner made for you from scratch using the finest ingredients and prepared exactly the way you like. Perfetto!

About Us:
We live and work in Port St. Joe. We build beautiful hand-crafted custom Websites with effective SEO.

If you really just want a WordPress site try 2k Web Group or Kerrigan Marketing. We only build custom Websites.

We also do site updates, code repairs, site-lifts, and SEO tweaks on existing sites

Also, if you're interested, this domain name is for sale. It's available through  GoDaddy.

GoDaddy offers a FREE domain name  Appraisal Tool.